Is There a Takata Airbag Class Action Lawsuit?

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May 9, 2017
Colson Hicks Eidson

Since the first reports about defective Takata airbags began rolling in, an increasing number of injury victims and families of wrongful death victims have been filing product liability claims nationwide. It is not technically a Takata airbag class action lawsuit, but multi-district litigation (MDL). In an MDL, a judicial panel will consolidate all the cases for the pre-trial period in one federal court in the US. As leading attorney in the Takata Airbag Products Liability Litigation, Curtis Miner explains these cases have been consolidated in federal court in Miami, Florida for pre-trial purposes.

Video Transcription:

Well as often happens with mass torts or mass product liability cases, cases were filed all over the United States, and then there is a judicial mechanism called the judicial panel on multi-district litigation that makes a decision about where all of these cases will be consolidated for pre-trial purposes in some federal district court in the United States. In this case, they were all consolidated in Miami Florida. I was fortunate enough to be appointed by a federal district judge here in Miami Florida to be one of the co-lead counsel in the Takata airbag product liability case. There are 4 lead counsel and one of them is a chair-lead counsel. I am typically responsible for what’s known as the personal injury track. The personal injury track is anyone who has suffered an injury, or in the really terrible cases, who has died as a result of a Takata airbag that’s exploded and expelled shrapnel when someone has been in a car accident. I think that I was fortunate enough to be picked in a large part due to this firm’s reputation, both in the state of Florida and nationally. And this firm has a long history of doing automotive product defect cases. In fact, this firm was the first firm to try a case in one of the most notorious defect cases going back in history, and that would be the Ford Pinto fuel tank. And ever since then, virtually every other major automotive defect, a lawyer at this firm has been involved in one way or another since then. For more information, Call Colson Hicks Eidson 305-476-7400 visit our website,