How Do I Know If a Settlement Offer is Fair?

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February 18, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Never Take an Injury Settlement without a Lawyer’s Advice

After a truck accident occurs, the negligent party and the insurance company has a powerful interest in speaking with the victims and trying to work out a settlement. You should never accept a settlement without first consulting with a personal injury attorney—even if it seems like a lot of money. Insurance companies will offer what seems like a large sum of cash in the hopes that the person takes it, does not hire an attorney and does not bring a lawsuit. This is because they know the true value of the case is much higher than their offer. In this video, Miami personal injury lawyer Joe Kalbac explains how you can receive higher recovery by speaking to a lawyer.

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Video Transcription:

The reason that someone should call a lawyer before taking a settlement is because you need to determine everyone that might be at fault and you need to know what really is fair compensation. Fair compensation for your injuries and death are determined by history, are determined by the facts of the case. They’re determined by what other cases settle for or what juries award to these people. So if you settle a case before consulting a lawyer, you’re probably taking a lot less than you might be entitled to. One of the highlights of my practice is recovering fair compensation for people that have been injured or killed. Many times, these people are devastated financially from either medical bills or losing a wage earner and we recover for them fair compensation. It’s the highlight of what I do because I know that that wife or husband or child or children or injured party has enough money to take care of themselves for the rest of their life.

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