Large Scale Justice for Small Scale Damages

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February 12, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

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In the video below, injury attorney Patrick Montoya talks about how when numerous people sustain similar financial damages, they may have the ability to pursue justice by joining a class action lawsuit. When victims group together, they have a stronger power in a court of law against the companies or corporations responsible for the damages.

For over four decades, the injury lawyers of Colson Hicks Eidson have fought on behalf of plaintiffs involved in class action lawsuits. To discuss your potential claim and to learn about your ability to join a class action, contact our firm today.

Video Transcription:

People often think that the financial damages that they suffer are too small to go after in court. In fact, many times if you’ve been injured financially, others have been injured financially too. There’s power in class actions. You’ve probably heard the term “class action,” but what is it really? A class action is a group of plaintiffs that have similar interests and have similar damages seeking redress for their damages against the company or against the corporation.

Rather than having one person be the plaintiff, you have multiple people be the plaintiff. There’s power in numbers, and there’s force in numbers. Companies fear class actions, because they bring great results for people. Many times individuals will not pursue the claim, because they do not believe their damages are high enough. But when you have smaller damages and you multiply those damages by many hundreds if not thousands of people, you’re talking many times about millions and millions of dollars.

Don’t let what you think are small damages go by the wayside. Contact us, there may be others that have been hurt in the same way that you have financially.