Looking for Personal Attention from Your Lawyer?

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August 12, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Our Miami Attorneys Are with You Every Step of the Way

When you hire a large law firm, it is understandable to worry that your case will be passed from lawyer to lawyer, and you will not be able to forge a personal connection with your attorney or get answers when you need them. In this video, Miami attorney Mike Eidson explains the priorities of our law firm and how we handle cases, even class actions with potentially thousands of plaintiffs. Our law office is located near Miami, but we serve clients nationwide as well as internationally.

Video Transcription

Whoever takes your case is in charge of your case, but they bring in other lawyers. We have the ability to staff a case with, sometimes you need five or six lawyers on the case. We handle huge cases sometimes with thousands of clients so we have a very sophisticated, highly trained staff of paralegals and secretaries and other people who are experts in handling a particular type of case who work closely with the lawyer who’s in charge of that case. Sometimes three or four lawyers will be very deeply involved in one case. A couple years ago we represented 6,000 people against a cemetery company. They had desecrated a number of graves and we found out about it. We had five lawyers working on that case, that was an enormous amount of time and money we had to put into the case. We have one lawyer, though, that was in charge of it, in our firm was in charge of that so the lawyer that you hire in our firm will be handling that case and so when you call them, want to know what’s going on with your case, you’ll get a quick, clear answer. Contact our lawyers at 305-476-7400 or contact our website at Colson.com for more information.