Meet Attorney Maureen Lefebvre

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In the video found below, appellate attorney Maureen Lefebvre talks about her work in the appellate practice at the law firm of Colson Hicks Eidson. This includes her responsibilities of dealing with the challenges involved in cases where one party decides to appeal the final ruling after trial. She finds that the injury attorneys and staff at our firm makes coming to work very enjoyable. Our injury lawyers are available to speak with you about your potential personal injury claim when you contact us by calling (305) 476-7400 today.

Video Transcription:

My name is Maureen Lefebvre, I’m a partner at Colson Hicks Eidson. I am an appellate attorney. I handle a lot of the research and writing and litigation support. I handle many of the appellate issues that then come up after the trial occurs. One of the interesting things about appellate law is that there’s always something different. Even when you handle some of the same issues, they’re always applied differently, and so there’s always something interesting coming up. The people I work with are wonderful, both my partners and the associates and our staff are just wonderful people to work with. So when you have an interesting job and wonderful people to work with, it keeps you coming to work.