Has My Metal Hip Implant Been Recalled?

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December 7, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Florida Defective Medical Device Attorney on Defective Hip Implant and Replacement Dangers

Patients hurt by defective metal hip implants are currently involved in numerous lawsuits for severe injury and failures. In this video, Miami defective product attorney Mike Eidson talks about what hip implants have caused problems and how many countries around the world have patients affected by these defective medical devices.

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Video Transcription:

Yeah, there’s one called Zimmer. There’s one called Zimmer, there’s one called Stryker. Both of those are involved in litigation. There’s also one called Wright. This became the thing and a lot of the companies were using this metal on metal, but it involves both the part that goes into the pelvis and the part that goes into the femur because it’s really sold as a unit. You’re not going to use one without the other. They’re both the same and they both work the same way.

DePuy recognized that it was a problem and recalled the part because it was showing up over and over again … it started in England. They were selling the same product in England as they sell in the United States. In fact, they’re selling the same product all over the world.

We’ve been contacted by a number of people from Israel who had the same system. It was manufactured in England. So, most of those cases are being handled by attorneys that we know in Israel. They’re going to try to see whether or not they can litigate those cases there. We’ve been contacted by people in Venezuela, France, Israel and England. Right now, we’re only handling cases that occurred in the United States.

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