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March 2, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Litigation Lawyer Patrick Montoya Fights for Injured Clients

As litigation lawyer Patrick Montoya explains in this video, you might only have one chance to have your case heard in front of a jury. That means your attorney must present the best possible case when representing you in court. That is why he makes sure to use every resource and legal avenue possible to secure a successful result for you.

Video Transcription:

Our job as trial lawyers is to make sure that our client has the best opportunity and the best setup for their case as possible when they go to trial. Many trials, you’re only going to get one shot in front of a jury. That one shot has to be its best.

My background is in athletics and what I learned … Particularly, it was football. What I learned in football was you’ve got one game. That game could be your last game and it’s the same thing in trial work. Our clients are only going to get one shot at trial and it’s important and it’s probably the most important thing is to give them the best performance possible.

What does that mean? That means putting hard work into the case, working up the case properly. Spending the time that’s needed to do it. Spending the time with the client that is needed. Making sure that you have all the resources available for that client and giving it your best. Really, whatever it takes to do that within the confines of the law to give your client the best shot because you’re only going to get one opportunity.