What is a Relator in a Whistleblower Lawsuit?

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December 7, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Whistleblower Attorney Defines Qui Tam Government Lawsuit Relators

Whistleblower lawsuits, also called qui tam lawsuits, are complicated cases with many parties involved. In this video, Florida qui tam attorney Curtis B. Miner explains the qualifications of a relator in whistleblowing cases involving the United States government.

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Video Transcription:

A relator is just sort of a fancy term for someone who is bringing their lawsuit on behalf of the United States government. So if you’re a whistleblower and your name is John Doe, when you bring the lawsuit you are actually John Doe, XREL, which means as a relator on behalf of the United States of America.

Think of it this way. When you’re a whistleblower … let’s say that you’re a whistleblower at a health care company that’s been over-billing the United States or over-billing Medicare or Medicaid, and you personally have not been damaged, right? You’re not out any money. You haven’t been damaged financially. The person who’s been damaged in the United States government.

So when you bring a qui tam lawsuit, when you bring a whistleblower lawsuit, in effect, you are acting almost as a deputy. Think of it that way, as a deputy of the United States of America. You are bringing the claim on behalf of the United States of America, saying, “The United States, you are being cheated by this health care provider.” That’s what a relator is.

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