Who Represents Victims in a Class Action Lawsuit?

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February 5, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Miami Litigation Attorney Explains Steering Committees

Class action lawsuits often involve hundreds of plaintiffs, so who gets to decide which class action lawsuit attorneys represent the victims? In this video, Miami class actions attorney Mike Eidson explains steering committees and the mass tort attorney selection process. Our firm has been leaders in many nationwide class action and multidistrict litigations, including but not limited to the BP Oil Spill, Ford Firestone tire separation and the Takada defective airbag litigation.

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Video Transcription:

Sometimes, you’ll have a lot of lawyers all over the country file the same class action, roughly at the same time. You then consolidate that in front of one judge and the judge appoints a steering committee. The steering committee consists of the lawyers who filed those lawsuits who have the most experience and the ability to manage the entire litigation. It becomes a very sophisticated process and you have to have a lot of experience to understand how you do it. You have to understand how to set up the data bases, how to hire people who are experts in handling computers to handle all this information. You have to set up a bank and then you charge everybody that is on that committee a certain amount of money and then you start dividing up the work based on your decision of who is the most experienced person to handle every single aspect of handling that litigation, who understands the product the best, who has the best relationships with the experts that you’re going to have to hire. All the things that have to be done in order to successfully handle the case

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