How a Truck Accident Attorney Preserves Evidence

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February 5, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Call a Truck Accident Lawyer Immediately after an Accident

When a truck accident happens, it is important to call a truck accident attorney as soon as possible. In this video, nationwide trucking accident injury lawyer Joe Kalbac explains how an attorney can help you preserve evidence proving that the truck driver or trucking company is at fault for your personal injuries. Failure to act quickly may result in evidence being lost, altered or destroyed.

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Video Transcription:

Trucking accidents often turn on whether or not the driver himself has complied with very stringent federal regulations that govern their hours of operation, their hours of driving, their hours of work, their hours of rest and their medical conditions. And oftentimes, those records are gathered and destroyed. They’re altered and we need to see the originals with those. It’s not uncommon for truck drivers to alter these records because obviously for their own well-being and their financial gain, they want to drive as much as possible because that’s where they make the most money. So what’s really important when we get involved in a trucking accident case is to get to the scene immediately, document it, get our experts to the scene, get our investigators to the scene, find out who the witnesses are and document the physical evidence, as well as demand that the insurance company and the trucking company preserve the logs and other written documents necessary for us to investigate a case.

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