What is the Truth About Drug Companies?

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February 25, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Miami Defective Drug Attorney Exposes Shady Pharmaceutical Dealings

Pharmaceutical companies will sometimes hide bad results from drug research in the interest of profits. Unfortunately, this places consumers at a direct risk of unintended side effects, including devastating injuries and even wrongful death. In this video, Miami pharmaceutical litigation attorney Patrick Montoya explains how drug companies get away with suppressing unfavorable drug research.

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Video Transcription:

Sadly enough, in many of the pharmaceutical cases that we handle, we find that the drug manufacturers hide unfavorable results for their research on their medications. Drug manufacturers are required to do clinical studies. Oftentimes, when there’s a negative result, those results are buried, thrown away or that expert, that doctor, is hushed up. They don’t use the doctor anymore. They hide the study and they don’t inform the public of what’s going on. The drug companies hide those bad results from the FDA. The drug gets on the market and it causes great harm. And then because the drug companies put so much money into it, they have to fight every case because they don’t want to lose any money. They’ve got billions and billions of dollars invested, so they will continue to spend money on teams of lawyers to defend these cases to the very last day. It’s very important that if you’ve been harmed by a pharmaceutical, by a large drug manufacturing company, that you contact us. We have an aggressive plan against these companies and have the requisite experience to handle claims against them.

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