I Have an Unusual Case – Can Colson Hicks Eidson Help?

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January 13, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Our Miami Attorneys Have Handled a Wide Variety of Legal Cases

If you believe that you have a unique legal claim, you should contact a Miami law firm with a long history of successful verdicts and settlements in a wide variety of legal practices. In this video, nationwide litigation attorney Julie Kane explains the unique experiences of our attorneys and how we are equipped to handle many different types of legal claims.

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Video Transcription:

There are very few types of cases that someone here at our law firm hasn’t handled. We work together so closely. We’re a small group of lawyers who do all sorts of different and interesting things and we all help each other investigate, we use the same resources, we pool our resources, and we’re there and available as lawyers for each other and for each other’s clients. So even if you’re calling us with a case that you think is unique, it’s very likely that there’s something about it that I or one of my partners have touched on before and that gives us that starting place to figure out how to help you, where to go to help you and how to handle a case on your behalf. In addition to, of course, having our partners to rely upon, we use world class research. We’re always investigating new ways to bring cases and we’ll take cases that are perhaps unique in how we bring them and we’ll take them all the way through the appellate courts if it benefits our clients.

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