What Can I Expect in an Airplane Crash Lawsuit?

Attorney Curtis Miner Explains the Airline’s Strong Defense

The airline industry, along with the insurance companies they partner with, has an intimidating amount of resources to go towards minimizing claims against them for serious injury or wrongful death. However, in the courtroom, one individual and a massive corporation stand on equal grounds. As Curtis Miner explains in this video, the best way to further level the playing field is to choose an attorney who has experience battling aviation companies and insurance conglomerates.

Video Transcription

In commercial aviation accidents, you need to keep in mind that the commercial aviation companies, the airlines, the manufacturers of the aircraft, are typically insured by the most sophisticated insurance conglomerates in the world … And those insurance companies in turn have at their call some of the best and most experienced defense lawyers in this area of the world. So, it is extremely important when you are, as a passenger, as a victim of an aviation accident, to have lawyers yourself, because you will be going up against insurance companies and insurance defense lawyers who are highly experienced, highly knowledgeable in these areas.