What Do I Do If I’m Injured at an Amusement Park?

Ask an Injury Lawyer About Your Rights

If you are injured in a roller coaster accident or somehow sustain a theme park injury, keep in mind that agreeing to anything offered by the park could reduce your rights later on. Patrick S. Montoya explains what to do if you or a loved one gets hurt at an amusement park.

Video Transcription

Many times theme park operators, if you’re injured or a family member is injured, will offer you some sort of compensation in the form of a free trip, another night stay, a week long stay; that’s a nice gesture. But accepting that and signing a waiver or signing any other type of paperwork that’s associated with that, may in fact waive your rights to compensation down the line. Be on guard at theme parks. We’re all having fun and we should all have fun, but when injuries occur and things are offered to you after injury, it’s very important that you read the paperwork. Our suggestion is if that does happen to you, that you contact us immediately. We’d be able to advise you properly.