What Happens After the Wrongful Death of a Child?

Damages can be an uncomfortable topic of discussion during a lawsuit that involves the wrongful death of a child. In these cases, there is an incalculable degree of mental anguish, pain and suffering. There may be no exact calculation for damages. Our attorneys present the facts to a jury, and they come up with the amount in damages based on their own knowledge and experiences. In this video, personal injury attorney Patrick Montoya describes damages after the wrongful death of a child.

Video Transcription

Damages with children can become very difficult. And frankly damages in any lawsuit especially due to mental anguish, or pain and suffering, there’s no exact calculation for that. So, oftentimes and frankly what we do here is, we present it to the jury. And it’s up to a jury to make that calculation based on their own experiences and knowledge. Frankly, just through living through life and what happens in the normal course of events. But one thing we frequently say to people, and we frankly will tell a jury, there’s no amount of money that’s going to bring back a child’s health, or a child’s life for that matter. But the bigger the harm, the greater the award and I think those are the words I try to work with, in my cases in particular. So, the greater the harm to the child, the bigger the award should be. For more information you can contact Colson Hicks Eidson at our website www.Colson.com.


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