What Happens When There is a Recall on Your Car?

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September 21, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Nationwide Defective Part Attorney Explains Vehicle Safety Recall Process

Automobile recalls involve lengthy setup and intervention from several different government agencies. In this video, watch as design defect attorney Mike Eidson explains what goes into an automobile recall.

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Video Transcription:

A lot of times these recalls, though, are voluntary recalls as a result of pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, another federal oversight regulatory agency that oversees auto safety. When they start getting complaints, they will open an investigation file and they’ll assign specialists to that type of problem.

Once they decide there’s enough information to justify opening a file on it, they’ll go out in the field and start getting more information and write letters to the auto manufacturers and start questioning them about the problem, go to auto dealers. Once they get enough information that they feel like this product has a safety defect, which is the ultimate question that they try to answer: Does it have a safety defect? They will put pressure on the automobile manufacturers who will recall the product and change the product.

Most products that are recalled involve simple defects that affect the way the product behaves; maybe it’s too loud, something like that, or the engine burns up. A lot of defects in the investigation do not involve safety. They involve functional problems with the vehicle.

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