What is a Qui Tam Lawsuit? Whistleblower Attorney Explains

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June 2, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Qui tam lawsuits are legal actions made by whistleblowers who report their employers for committing fraud against the United States government. A qui tam lawsuit can provide monetary damages to whistleblowers if the case successfully recovers government funds. At the law firm of Colson Hicks Eidson, our team of whistleblower attorneys represents workers who speak out, from reporting the fraudulent activity to private lawsuit. Watch this video from our whistleblower lawyer about how qui tam lawsuits work.

If you believe you might have information about a corporation that is defrauding the government or a government program, we can help you review your options.

Video Transcription:

Qui tam lawsuits are actually a hybrid – they’re halfway between a private cause of action and a cause of action by the United States government. When you present the information that you have to the US Department of Justice, they have a certain period of time in which they can look at the information, investigate it themselves and decide whether they want to make the decision to take the case on themselves.

If they take the case on themselves, they essentially will step into the shoes of the whistleblower and pursue the corporation or business that was engaged in the wrongdoing. Then it becomes a public lawsuit. There are other times when the US government will not step into the shoes of the person, the whistleblower, and the whistleblower then has to make the decision whether they want to continue to pursue the lawsuit themselves. Then it remains a traditionally private lawsuit. It can go either way.

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