What is a Qui Tam Lawsuit?

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May 5, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Miami Whistleblower Attorney Explains Qui Tam and Reverse Qui Tam

Whistleblower lawsuits, also called qui tam lawsuits, involve fraud against the United States government. There are two types of qui tam lawsuits: qui tam and reverse qui tam. In this video, Miami whistleblower attorney Curtis Miner explains the difference between the two types of whistleblower cases.

Whistleblowers on fraud against the United States government are eligible for certain financial benefits for revealing evidence to the courts. To ensure you receive the maximum benefit for reporting fraud, do not discuss your knowledge with anyone other than a qualified qui tam attorney.

Video Transcription:

What is qui tam? The simplest explanation is a qui tam is a whistleblower lawsuit and, in particular, it’s a whistleblower who knows that the federal government or state government is being cheated in some way. Reverse qui tam is just the reverse, where a company would owe the government some certain amount of money, say for taxes, or for licensing fees or for other fees that need to be paid and it’s cheating the government by underpaying those. So, normal traditional qui tam or traditional whistleblower, government is overpaying a government contractor for a service. A reverse qui tam, a government contractor is underpaying the government what it owes. The traditional one would be a corporation is cheating on its taxes. It’s underpaying its taxes. Instead of a million dollars a year, it’s paying $500,000 a year. It should be paying that additional $500,000.

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