What is a Whistleblower Lawsuit?

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May 5, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Miami Qui Tam Lawyer Explains Government Fraud Cases

The common understanding of the word whistleblower is not exactly the same thing as a whistleblower in the context of a lawsuit. In this video, Miami qui tam attorney Curtis Miner explains the several different types of whistleblowers and how they are different from a qui tam case.

If you discover evidence of fraud against the United States government, it is in your best interest to take that evidence to a qui tam attorney, rather than the media or Internet. This is because there are certain financial benefits afforded to whistleblowers to encourage them to come forward with evidence of government fraud.

Video Transcription:

You know, there are whistleblowers on government secrets, as we’ve seen in the national and international media recently, but that’s a different phenomenon. The term whistleblower gets thrown around a lot but in the lawsuit context, when we talk about a qui tam case or whistleblower case, what it really deals with is the federal government being cheated by paying too much money, being lied to, so that it pays too much money to a government contractor or other private business. There are other types of whistleblowers as well. You can be a whistleblower on tax cheating, you can be a whistleblower on securities fraud, you can be a whistleblower on environmental crimes, but some of the financial incentives to sort of create deputies out of private citizens aren’t necessarily there for all those types of conduct.

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