What is Arbitration? Nationwide Dispute Resolution Lawyer

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May 1, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

What is Arbitration? Nationwide Dispute Resolution Lawyer

In this video, our dispute resolution lawyer explains the arbitration process. A variety of disputes, from contracts to personal injury cases, can benefit from arbitration. The dispute resolution lawyers at Colson Hicks Eidson know the arbitration process and how to navigate clients successfully who need arbitration to resolve disputes. Want more information about arbitration? Contact a dispute resolution lawyer to review your case today.

Video Transcription:

Our firm is very deeply involved in arbitration. A lot of contracts, consumer contracts require arbitration of disputes. Usually, in arbitration, each side picks a lawyer; and the two lawyers, and they don’t have to be lawyers, each side picks a party to try the case for them, to hear the evidence. The two of them pick a third person. That person’s considered to be a neutral. You have… neither side has supposedly an advantage. Two out of three wins. If you can convince the neutral, you can win the case.

You can use arbitration for any kind of case that you want. You could take a personal injury case, and waive a jury trial, and have an arbitration and make it binding; I’ve done that.

You can have advisory arbitrations. When a baseball player enters into his contract, that contract has an arbitration provision. It provides that if the two sides can’t agree on the terms of the contract, such as salary, that they’ll submit that to a binding, one binding arbitrator. That arbitrator will make the decision for both of them and not favor either side by being neutral. That’s… those were different types of arbitrations.