What is False Labeling in Food Lawsuits?

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May 10, 2017
Colson Hicks Eidson

Food labels exhibiting the perception that their product is safe to use should not necessarily be trusted. FDA approval is not required for certain products, such as weight loss supplements, to be sold in stores. In this video, attorney Mike Eidson tells a narrative on how false labeling on such products can lead to food lawsuits to protect consumers.

Video Transcription:

Let me tell you about a case that we recently had against a food supplement manufacturer. And this was a product that was bought at a health food store. This was a national chain that was selling this product. This product made certain promises. This product was going to help you lose weight very, very quickly. Everybody would want that, right? Just about everybody at some time has a weight problem. They sold these products that made these representations that this product was safe to use. And that if you used it the way that they advertised it. You would lose a certain amount of weight per month. So, our client is a big heavy guy, and he thinks this is a great idea. And he goes in and he buys it. And he takes it home. And he uses this product for about a month. And he finds out, he’s turning yellow. He doesn’t have any energy. And he hasn’t lost much weight either. So, he says, well you know, “what’s happening to me?” He goes to see a doctor who does some tests and says “you’ve got liver disease.” And then he says “Are you doing anything? Is there anything that you’re doing that might account for this?” He says “Doctor, I’ve been taking this weight loss product.” So, he gives the doctor the weight loss product, the doctor investigates it and finds out it’s contaminated. And that it caused the liver damage. Now fortunately, they got it before it killed him. And he was able, over the next sixth months to a year, recover most of the function of his liver. We find products every day that are put together by people who are not qualified to do that. The FDA does not require approval of a product like that. You’re on your own. Call Colson Hicks Eidson, 305-476-7400. Or go to our website Colson.com for more information.