When You Get a Successful Verdict or Settlement, Where Does the Money Go?

Julie Braman Kane Explains How Clients Use Their Compensation

As lawyer Julie Kane explains in this video, most of her clients use their lawsuit winnings from a verdict or settlement to cover their medical bills and their lost wages. However, in some cases, they find other uses for the money.

Video Transcription

For most of our clients, the money is used to take care of them day-to-day. The catastrophically injured clients, the spinal cord injured clients, the brain injured clients, have such terrible, terrifying needs. They have to be funded to protect their ability to live their lives, and to protect their family’s ability to care for them, and to care for themselves.

There have been cases where our clients have recovered money, that they’ve chosen to put into charitable foundations, they’ve chosen to donate to various charities. For the most part, when our clients make a recovery, when we’re successful, either in a verdict or in a settlement, that money is used to take care of the needs of the people who are harmed, or the people who are left behind.