Who Manufactures the DePuy Hip Implant?

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February 12, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Attorneys for Defective Medical Devices Seek Justice

As defective product attorney Mike Eidson explains here, not every person who experiences pain and suffering after undergoing a major transplant has a valid case. However, it does not hurt to speak with an attorney about your situation, since in many cases, the companies who made these devices knew that they were dangerous and chose to implant them anyway. This constitutes negligence, and you could be entitled damages for the painful trauma you went through.

Video Transcription

Johnson & Johnson is the parent company. DePuy Orthopedics is the company that actually manufactures it. Some of them are made in England and some are made in the United States. Johnson & Johnson and DePuy are not the only company manufacturing metal-to-metal hip systems. We would like to look at any case where you have a premature failure of a hip system to find out whether or not it’s just something about your body, maybe your doctor did it wrong. It shows the wrong components, they don’t fit together, or whether there’s a defect in the system. Just because you have a failure of your operation, it does not mean you have a case. Every case needs to be researched by people who are experienced in looking at these things like our law firm.