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Vitamin Shoppe Drops Potentially Dangerous Supplements

May 5, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Hurt by a Defective Drug? Let Our Personal Injury Attorneys Know

The heap of the colorful pills. medical background Colson Hicks Eidson is currently investigating claims of false advertising involving fitness supplements and their potentially fraudulent claims.

A recent report from Canadian health officials about a dangerous chemical found in several diet and workout supplements has caused the national vitamin chain Vitamin Shoppe to remove several drugs from its stores. The report found that BMPEA, an ingredient very similar to amphetamine, has been found in the following supplements:

  • Jetfuel T-300 (31 mg/pill)
  • Fastin-XR (27 mg/pill)
  • Yellow Scorpion (23 mp/pill)
  • Black Widow (19 mg/pill)
  • Lipodrene Hardcore (10 mg/pill)
  • Aro Black Series Burn (9 mp/pill)
  • Dexaprine XR (6 mg/pill)
  • Lipodrene Xtreme (3 mg/pill)
  • MX-LS7 (3 mg/pill)
  • Jetfuel Superburn (3 mg/pill)
  • Stimerex ES (1 mg/pill)

The authors of the study claim that BMPEA poses “a serious health risk” to consumers.

What is BMPEA?

BMPEA is a chemical that, according to the study, “can increase blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature; lead to serious cardiovascular complications (including stroke) at high doses; suppress sleep and appetite, and be addictive.”

Supplement companies often sneak in compounds like this by listing plants that contain them in the ingredients list, thus making the product seem natural and organic. In this case, all of the supplements listed above contained acacia rigidula, a type of shrub found in the southwest US. Testing revealed that many supplements containing Acacia rigidula tested positive for BMPEA.

Legal Drugs and Supplements Can Still be Dangerous

Unlike other types of drugs, most herbal supplements (like diet pills and workout supplements) do not need to pass through a rigorous testing phase to reach drug store counters. A recent New York Times article delves into the conflicts of interest between supplement lobbying groups and the FDA, citing corporate influence as a reason for the lack of regulation in this industry. As a result, dangerous drugs can enter the marketplace and harm unknowing consumers. Agencies like the FDA will likely not take action until injured consumers speak up.

If you took any of the drugs mentioned above and suffered harmful side effects as a result, consider speaking to an attorney. Our firm has a history of taking on negligent corporations that sell defective products, and you may have grounds to join a class action suit against retailers like Vitamin Shoppe for false advertising and for failing to disclose harmful ingredients.

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