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Has Volkswagen Come Up With A Dieselgate Solution?

February 21, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

European news outlets are reporting that VW has come up with a solution for the vehicles affected by the dieselgate scandal. The fix is supposed to take less than an hour to install, but will it work for American TDI diesels?

Has Volkswagen Come Up With A Dieselgate Solution?

The fix varies for different engines, but the first part of the suggested repair updates the computer on Volkswagen’s TDI diesel cars so illegal defeat device software can be deleted. This was anticipated by pretty much every automotive expert, but the second part of the fix—which only applies to 1.6-liter engines—has them completely baffled.

The Second Part Of The Solution

The VW engineers have come up with what they call a “flow transformer,” which is installed right in front of the air mass sensor. This piece of plastic tubing has a screen on the inside that supposedly calms the air flowing into the engine and enables the air mass sensor to gather better readings and improve the engine’s efficiency. VW even claims that the vehicles’ fuel efficiency and power will be unaffected by the repair.

Will It Work?

Such a simple fix seems too good to be true, but it’s apparently enough to bring VW’s diesel engines into compliance with European air regulations. However, this fix isn’t enough to bring defeat device engines into compliance here. The United States and Canada both have tougher air pollution rules, and so the solution for the American market will be more complex. Reports say that details about a fix for the American market could come soon, but no one knows how the VW TDIs will be affected by that solution.

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