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Is Volkswagen Even Trying To Make Up For Dieselgate?

March 14, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has rejected Volkswagen’s initial plan to remedy the chaos caused by the “defeat device” scandal that has rocked the automobile industry and environmental regulators all over the world. The EPA has given CARB the lead on finding a solution to the scandal VW admitted to in September, but what they have seen so far isn’t enough.

Is Volkswagen Even Trying To Make Up For Dieselgate?

Analysts believe that the VW recall plan wasn’t aggressive enough for the CARB—which already has a set of expectations that the company must meet in order to begin implementation. So far, what the organization has seen isn’t enough to inspire confidence from the agency.

Why Did CARB Reject VW’s Recall Plan?

CARB spokesman Dave Clegern told WIRED Magazine, that the agency believes that the resolution process suggested by VW would take too long based on the technical requirements they have developed. The agency is continuing to discuss solutions with Volkswagen and the US EPA.

However, experts aren’t surprised that Volkswagen’s first proposal was rejected. They say that the size of this problem is so monumental that the company is going to be coming up with several solutions to the same problem. As soon as they solve the recall problem with the CARB, they will have to face a mountain of fines, and hundreds—potentially thousands—of civil lawsuits that are being filed in courts all over the country.

Robert Mueller, the former head of the FBI, has been chosen by US District Judge Charles Breyer to mediate negotiations for more than 500 consumer lawsuits that have been filed against Volkswagen, and even more lawsuits are expected to surface. To find out more about the VW recall cases, keep following our blog, and tell us how you think Volkswagen should repay consumers on our Facebook and Twitter pages.