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Why Is The VW Recall So Unique?

February 4, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

In the past few years, many automakers have come under scrutiny for questionable business practices that have hurt consumers both physically and in their pocket books. Toyota recalled vehicles for a sticky acceleration pedal, GM recalled faulty ignition units, and Honda had to recall its vehicles for faulty airbag systems. So why is the VW recall so unique?

What Makes The VW Scandal Special?

Most auto recalls are related to some form of negligence on the part of an automaker—a part cheaply made, or a vehicle that wasn’t designed properly for its purpose—but allegations claim that VW intentionally lied and deceived regulators by employing defeat devices in 482,000  U.S. vehicles.

VW’s actions not only hurt consumers, but also tarnish the reputation of its homeland, Germany. The Germans have always held a reputation for car-engineering prowess, but this scandal has become such an embarrassment that the German government is conducting high level investigations of Volkswagen and is demanding the recall of 2.4 million vehicles.

Meanwhile, VW’s competitors are relieved because one of the company’s biggest secrets has finally been exposed. Automakers all over the world have tried to figure out how Volkswagen diesels always passed emission standards while maintaining high levels of performance. Most of those companies had to make special heavy add-ons to their engines to achieve VW-like numbers, but now the truth is out.

Can An Attorney Help If My Volkswagen Is Recalled?

The unique nature of Volkswagen’s deception needs to be recognized and addressed in a way that ensures no auto company will repeat it. Many governments are taking steps to levy fines against VW, but those fines will do very little to help the consumers who bought these faulty vehicles. For information on how you can get compensation for Volkswagen’s cheating, visit our auto recalls page, and keep following our blog for more info.

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