What Caused the Deadly Tour Helicopter Crash in Nevada?

What was supposed to be a sightseeing tour of the Hoover Dam in Nevada by helicopter proved fatal for four passengers in Nevada in December. The helicopter crashed into a canyon, killing four passengers and the pilot. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Sundance Helicopters of Las Vegas owned and operated the helicopter.

What is making the investigation difficult is the remote area of the crash site. There were witnesses to the crash that reported hearing the impact and seeing smoke. A spokesperson for Sundance Helicopters said the helicopter was on a tour when it disappeared without explanation. According to investigators, the weather on the day of the crash was clear with winds about 5 mph.

This is not the first accident for Sundance Helicopters. In September 2003, six passengers and the pilot died after the helicopter crashed into a canyon wall in the Grand Canyon. An NTSB investigation revealed unsafe flying procedures and pilot error as the likely cause. In addition, two passengers reported a Sundance pilot flying close to canyon walls. The company did not discipline the pilot after the reports.

Have you ever taken a helicopter sightseeing tour?

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