What to do if Federal Investigators Contact You

Have Federal Investigators Contacted You about Suspected White-Collar Crimes?

Just like in any other crime, never give statements or attempt to defend yourself against alleged charges of white-collar crime without speaking to an attorney first. Ideally, you should contact an experienced white-collar criminal defense attorney. White-collar investigations can be just as complex as the alleged crimes themselves, and you will need an attorney familiar with the process. Federal investigators will work to build a case against you, and talking to them might make matters worse.

Make sure your white-collar defense attorney is an expert in federal criminal procedure and that he or she has experience with the types of charges facing you. Your attorney should be able to tell you all possible outcomes of your case and be able to anticipate the government’s strategy in its attempt to prosecute you. You might be at risk of losing certain assets under federal law, and those types of strategies from the prosecutor should not surprise your attorney.

If convicted of a white-collar crime, you could face prison time in a federal or state facility. In some cases, your defense attorney might be able to negotiate home detention or supervised release. If your crime involved stealing money, the judge might order you to re-pay your victims.

Are you concerned about a potential federal investigation?

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