What’s Making Patients at Florida Clinic Go Blind?

How would losing vision in one eye affect your life? You could no longer drive and you would likely be dependent on others for various things in life.

Twelve elderly Florida patients went into various South Florida clinics and all 12 suffered a complete loss of sight in one eye as a result. As reported at wsvn.com, a tainted eye medication caused the vision loss and now personal injury lawsuits are underway. The patients sought treatment for macular degeneration and now they are completely blind in one eye.

Florida health investigators think the syringes or eye medication contained strep bacteria. A woman said her 73-year-old father looked like someone punched him in the eye. The bones surrounding his eye completely swelled-up, according to his daughter. He has since hired a Florida injury attorney to sue the drug maker and the clinic. The drug maker remains mum on the matter for now.

While the Florida Department of Health continues its investigation, let’s hope that the victims here gain fair compensation from the legal system. Losing vision in one eye requires a permanent adjustment to life. It illustrates that tragic mistakes can occur in the health care system. The mistakes can change peoples’ lives forever.

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