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Will the Samsung Recall Ruin Your Trust in this Company’s Products?

December 16, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Have you heard of the recall on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? If you haven’t, here’s what you need to know. Defective batteries in certain Galaxy Note 7 smartphones could burst into flames while charging. If you own a Galaxy Note 7, Samsung recommends that you turn it in to the store where you bought it. They will give you a replacement. However, there are a few things Samsung isn’t saying, and that could mean other products it makes aren’t very safe either.

After the Samsung Recall, Can You Trust Its Products?

After several houses and vehicles caught on fire thanks to this product, Samsung has issued an immediate recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. However, the company has even more problems than an exploding phone.

China—one of Samsung’s hottest markets—is accusing the electronics maker of arrogance after not being included in the recall. The country now has reports surfacing that several Chinese Note 7 owners are experiencing the same problems that caused the recall, though Samsung claims that the region shouldn’t be affected. And that’s just the beginning.

Reports are rolling in that the replacement phones are overheating just like the defective Galaxy Notes. Samsung already claims that over 1 million defective phones have been replaced by the safe phones, but how safe are they if these phones are still overheating? In addition to that, the Galaxy Note isn’t the only Samsung product blowing up right now.

At least one person is taking Samsung to court because his Galaxy Edge S7 phone blew up in his pocket. This explosion caused second and third-degree burns, and now the victim wants Samsung to take responsibility for the defective product. In Texas and Georgia, there are even reports of Samsung washing machines blowing up. A federal case has been filed in New Jersey over the exploding washers.

Products shouldn’t come to market unless they are thoroughly tested and proven safe, but that doesn’t seem to be happening with Samsung’s products. Should we all be concerned? Is there anything Samsung can do to ensure the safety of its customers? Will you continue to buy Samsung products? Log onto Facebook and Twitter to let us know, and keep following your Florida products liability attorneys on this blog to learn more about product recalls and your safety.