Auto Recall: What’s Wrong with Tesla Model S and Model X Vehicles?

CNBC released a report recently regarding a Tesla recall involving 53,000 of the automaker’s Model S and Model X vehicles. Reportedly, the issue involves a problem with the parking brakes on the vehicles not working properly.

What’s Wrong with the Parking Brakes on the Tesla Model X and Model S?

According to CNBC, Tesla recall is voluntary. The issue involves the electric parking brakes in Model X and Model S Tesla vehicles manufactured between February and October 2016. Reportedly, the problem could prevent the parking brakes in the vehicles from releasing when they are supposed to do so.

Tesla believes the issue has to do with gear in the parking brakes that was improperly manufactured by one the automaker’s third-party vendors. Tesla announced it will begin replacing the defective gears immediately, but that it would not have parts for all the affected vehicles until October 2017. As of this writing, there have been no accidents or injuries reported that were related to the Tesla recall.

Why It Is Important to Hold Negligent Automakers Accountable

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