Partner Mike Eidson was appointed in 2000 to serve as national lead co-counsel in the Ford-Firestone multidistrict litigation in Indianapolis, Indiana. In the years since, he has represented many victims of defective component accidents, namely cases involving Firestone tires losing their tread and causing Ford Explorers to rollover. So far, he has helped more than 200 victims of 40 different accidents around the world reach favorable settlements for their injuries and losses.

Defective Auto Components

Colson Hicks Eidson is at the forefront of defective auto component litigation, protecting passengers and shaping the law to promote safer practices.

Nationally Recognized Vehicle Accident Attorneys for Product Liability Injury Cases

A car defect lawyer from our firm can handle your auto recall claim. Combined, the attorneys at our personal injury law firm have handled more than 100 cases involving defective auto components. These cases include a broad range of defects, from exploding gas tanks to tire blowouts. As a result of these product liability claims, our accident attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients.

The law firm has represented clients in some of the nation’s most significant auto defect cases of the past decade. This includes the first case alleging that the Ford Pinto fuel system was a defective product. Partner Lewis S. “Mike” Eidson is nationally recognized in the field of product liability and served as the national co-lead counsel in the Ford Explorer/ Firestone tire litigation. Our lawyer has handled more than 250 lawsuits and class action cases against Ford and Firestone/Bridgestone over tire defects that caused serious SUV rollovers. Additionally, attorney Curtis Miner has been appointed Lead Counsel for Personal Injury Track in the nationwide Takata Airbag Product Liability Litigation.

The outcome of these defective product cases has created higher safety standards in the automobile industry. As a result, these standards safeguard consumers across the globe.

Defective Auto Components

Defective Car Accident Lawsuit Examples

Each car defect lawyer at our firm has extensive experience recovering damages for clients who  suffered serious injuries or have lost loved ones due to negligently designed or manufactured vehicles and auto component parts, such as:

  • Tire defects
  • Defective vehicle glass defect
  • Unsafe child restraints and baby car seats
  • Seat belt failure
  • Accelerator defects
  • Brakes
  • Airbags
  • Gas tanks
  • Fuel-fed fires
  • Door latches
  • Lack of crashworthiness
  • Structural defects

Our Successful Experience Representing Victims of Defective Auto Parts

  • Ford-Firestone. The law firm has worked on approximately 250 consolidated personal injury lawsuits. In addition, we represented clients in class action cases against Ford and Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. stemming from accidents in which the tread peeled off Firestone tires, leading to roof crush rollover accidents in Ford Explorers. To date, the firm has settled cases for more than 200 clients involving 40 separate accidents worldwide. We have also assisted in hundreds of other cases in preparation and recovery.
  • Ford Econoline. In 2001, the firm obtained a $17 million jury verdict in a Miami state court against Ford. This wrongful death lawsuit arose from the faulty installation of a tire valve stem.
  • Ford Aerostar. In 2007, the firm obtained a $6 million verdict in a personal injury case against Ford. Our client in this case was paralyzed when the roof of a Ford Aerostar 15 passenger van failed in an accident.
  • Saturn. The firm has secured substantial settlements for clients who were ejected from Saturn vehicles due to defective seat belt latches.
  • Recovery for Front End Design Defect. A car defect lawyer at our firm settled a class action lawsuit in California against a car maker arising out of a front-end suspension design. This defect caused excessive noise as well as premature wear of the front tires. As a result of the litigation, the defendant redesigned the front end tires to eliminate the tire problem.

Car Defect Lawyer Taking Nationwide Car Product Liability Cases

Throughout our decades of successful experience, our accident attorneys in Florida have helped many families recover from catastrophic accidents as well as set industry-changing vehicle safety precedents that worked to prevent similar injuries from hurting other families. Our cases have taken us across the country as well as around the world. We welcome to opportunity to consider your case. Call now at 305-476-7400 to schedule a free consultation with a car defect lawyer today.