How Can I Choose a Safe Flight School?

For many people, learning to fly is a lifelong goal and a dream come true. While learning to pilot an aircraft is often fun and exhilarating, potential students need to make sure to take their time and thoroughly research the process before choosing a flight school. If a flight school or instructor has safety issues or is not qualified to teach students, it can result in a plane crash, catastrophic injuries and even death.

Here are some tips from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association to help potential students find a safe flight school:

  • Compile a list of schools
  • Visit the schools in person
  • Find out how long the schools have been in business
  • Check out the school’s enrollment numbers and credentials
  • Check the instructional staff members’ records

Flight Instructor, Student Killed in Lakeland Plane Crash

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a 62-year-old flight instructor and a 41-year-old student pilot were killed in a plane crash in Lakeland, Florida in late January.

The incident took place a little after 9 a.m. when the aircraft, which according to witnesses appeared to be in distress, crashed into a warehouse and burst into flames. Reportedly, the warehouse, which is owned by a company that manufactures auto parts, contained hazardous materials.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration were still trying to determine the cause of the crash at the time of this report.

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