Florida personal injury attorneys and partners Dean Colson, Mike Eidson, Roberto Martínez and Enid Duany Mendoza procured some of the largest amounts of injury compensation for victims of aviation negligence in South America’s history. The attorneys represented 42 families who lost loved ones in the crash of an AeroPeru Boeing 757 near Peru. The plane crash arbitration reached its conclusion in Chile.

Aviation Law

Our attorneys are well-known and well-regarded in the field of aviation law, having litigated dozens of high profile aviation cases against major airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

Aviation accidents are complex and involve many issues including air traffic control readings, witness interviews, radar readings, aircraft instrument readings and the state of the passengers and crew. In addition, aviation accidents often involve multiple jurisdictions. Our airplane accident lawyers are highly skilled and well respected in aviation law litigation. We strive to protect clients’ interests, identify the truth and determine the responsibility of aviation disasters. Each aviation accident lawyer at Colson Hicks Eidson understands the commitment and type of extensive resources necessary to win substantial injury settlements from airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airline insurers and other responsible parties.

Aviation Law

Decades of Experience Resolving High Profile Airplane Crash Cases

Our team of aviation accident lawyers is unique among law firms nationwide in that we have tried complex products liability claims arising from plane crashes in and outside of the U.S. The firm has successfully litigated dozens of high profile aviation cases against major aviation companies, including Boeing Aircraft, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas Aircraft, Hughes Helicopters and Hughes Manufacturing, Cessna, Piper as well as Beech Craft Aviation.

Many aviation accident lawyers at our firm have also represented families spanning from practically every corner of the globe, including the U.S., Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Jamaica, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. Additionally, we often work in conjunction with local attorneys nationwide and outside the U.S.

Colson Hicks Eidson has an unmatched record of accomplishment.

Aviation Practice Highlights

  • AeroPeru Boeing 757: The firm successfully concluded the international litigation and arbitration against AeroPeru and The Boeing Co. in its representation of 42 families who lost their loved ones in the crash of an AeroPeru Boeing 757 off the coast of Peru on October 2, 1996. Although the cases were initially filed in the United States federal court, they were arbitrated to a conclusion in Chile. The compensation levels in these cases were among some of the highest ever received for an aviation accident in South America.
  • American Airlines Flight 587: On November 12, 2001, an Airbus 300, operated by American Airlines crashed shortly after takeoff in Belle Harbor, New York killing all those onboard. The firm represented several families who lost loved ones on the plane. The firm also worked with a foundation in Bani, Dominican Republic to construct a memorial park in memory of those who died in this tragic accident.
  • Explosive Technology Corporation and McDonnell Douglas Corporation: The firm filed a wrongful death suit against Explosive Technology Corporation and McDonnell Douglas Corporation on behalf of the young United States Air Force pilot who died when his ejection system failed. The law firm successfully handled the suit in Los Angeles, California in 1995.
  • Adam Air: A Boeing 737-300 operated by Indonesia’s Adam Air crashed in January 2007 killing 102 people. The firm played an active role in investigating safety violations by the budget carrier and handled litigation on behalf of the victims’ families.
  • Kenya Airlines 737 in Cameroon: The firm represented many families who lost loved ones in an accident involving a Boeing 737 operated by Kenya Airlines, which crashed shortly after takeoff from Douala Airport in Cameroon in 2007.
  • Gol Airlines: The firm represented 18 families of the victims of Gol Flight 1907. The victims died on September 30, 2006 in a midair collision over the Brazilian rainforest. A collision-avoidance system on the jet was not operating at the time, according to U.S. and Brazilian investigators.
  • Chalks Ocean Airways Seaplane Crash: The firm represented four families of loved ones killed in the tragic crash of a Chalks Ocean Airways seaplane on December 19, 2005, shortly after takeoff in Miami en route to Bimini.
  • Lion Air: On November 30, 2004, Lion Air Flight 538 made a crash landing in Solo City, Indonesia, killing 23 of 146 passengers, the captain and a flight attendant. The firm settled the case on behalf of family members in the crash in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Austral Airlines DC-9-32: The firm served as co-counsel for over two-thirds of the families of victims who perished when the aircraft, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32, crashed in Argentina on October 10, 1997.
  • ValuJet Flight 592: The firm represented families of victims who died when the airplane crashed into the Everglades on May 11, 1996 shortly after leaving Miami International Airport, killing all aboard.

Attorneys Handling Airline Lawsuits Worldwide

If you lost loved ones in a plane crash or helicopter crash, we can investigate your claim, determine who was at fault and seek justice on your behalf, across continental boundaries if necessary. Contact an aviation accident lawyer today by calling 305-476-7400 or by sending us an outline of your case. We have the experience, knowledge and record of success necessary to represent your claim.

Aviation Accident FAQs

If you or somebody you care about has been involved in an aviation accident, you likely have many questions. Here, we hope to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that you may have, but we strongly encourage you to contact the nationally-recognized team at Colson Hicks Eidson for further assistance with your case.

What are the different kinds of aviation accidents?

There are generally two types of aviation cases that you will hear of:

  • Commercial aviation” accidents involving planes operated by airline companies that transport passengers. These are often referred to as “common carriers.”
  • “General aviation” accidents involving privately owned or chartered jets or aircraft.

Who can be held liable for an aviation accident?

There may be various parties that can be held liable to injured parties in the aftermath of an aviation accident. In some cases, the owner or operator of the aircraft may certainly be held liable if the incident can be traced to pilot error or the negligence of the owner or operator. Additionally, manufacturers and maintenance suppliers of the aircraft may also be held liable if the circumstances indicate that an engineering or mechanical failure was to blame for the incident.

Can an owner or operator be held criminally liable for an aviation accident?

In extreme situations, the federal government or state authorities may choose to impose criminal sanctions on those involved in an aviation accident. In general, investigations into the causes of an aviation accident can take months or even years, and criminal charges are only filed if the circumstances show that someone was criminally negligent and this negligence led to the accident.

What is a “statute of limitations” for an aviation accident case?

In aviation accident litigation (and accident litigation more generally), a “statute of limitations” refers to the amount of time plaintiffs have to file lawsuits in the aftermath of the incident. The applicable time limits will depend on where the accident occurred, where the lawsuit is filed (state or federal court or an international tribunal), and other circumstances.  It is important to consult with an experienced attorney to understand what the time limits for filing a lawsuit are in your case.

What types of damages can be recovered in an aviation accident?

Damages recovered by a plaintiff in the aftermath of an aviation accident are generally similar to those that are recoverable in the aftermath of other types of incidents (e.g., car, truck, or railroad accidents). However, the type of compensation that is recoverable depends on the applicable law (or in some cases, international treaty such as the Montreal Convention), which in turn will depend on the jurisdiction where the plane crash occurred, among other considerations. Again, it is important to work with an experienced attorney who has experience with aviation accidents to understand what type of compensation you may be entitled to in your case.

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