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Although helicopter crashes may seem like an uncommon occurrence, these aviation accidents pose as a real threat to helicopter occupants. Pilot mistakes and other serious errors frequently lead to fatal aviation accidents. Some helicopter accidents even cause disabling and severe injury or wrongful death to those located near a crash.

At Colson Hicks Eidson, our helicopter accident lawyers are prepared to represent those affected by accidents that occur on the ground or in the air. Each attorney at our firm can work on behalf of those involved in helicopter crashes as well as on behalf of their families. In fact, we have received numerous recognitions for our successes in aviation litigation. Our work in aviation law also includes several multimillion-dollar verdicts and injury settlements for hundreds of passengers and families involved in devastating aircraft crashes in which our accident lawyers played an active role in investigating the crash cause and proving safety violations.

Helicopter Crash

Are Helicopters Dangerous? Accident Attorney for Medical and Tour Helicopter Crash Claims

Helicopters have higher accident rates than airplanes. This includes aviation accidents involving helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS), which have a high rate of crashes. The latest accident statistics for HEMS found that over half of all these helicopter crashes were fatal.

Taking a helicopter tour of Miami or any vacation destination is a popular attraction for tourists and Florida residents alike. However, sightseeing helicopter tour accidents can be devastating when caused by the same defective design, improper maintenance, poor craftsmanship or manufacturer flaws are at fault for HEMS helicopter, helicopter accidents at work and other plane crashes.

What Causes Helicopter Crashes?

Many factors contribute to the prevalence of helicopter accidents. Some consider helicopters more difficult to handle than airplanes due to the complexity of the many helicopter parts and components.

Accidents can occur when helicopters perform maneuvers that planes and other aircraft cannot do, such as carrying suspended loads. These maneuvers often make piloting a helicopter significantly more complex. However, even simple maneuvers used in helicopter tours may result in tragedy.

Issues that can contribute to helicopter crashes include:

  • Pilot Error – Helicopters require especially skilled pilots who can handle all of the machine’s moving parts simultaneously.
  • Defective EquipmentParts that do not function correctly can cause a helicopter pilot to lose control of the aircraft.
  • Inadequate Maintenance or Repairs – Improper maintenance can cause crucial helicopter parts to fail.
  • Weather Conditions – Helicopters may be more vulnerable to weather conditions than other types of aircraft. Many HEMS fly in inclement weather.

When a helicopter crash happens, an accident lawyer must begin working immediately to investigate if product liability or negligence is responsible for the helicopter crash. An attorney who handles helicopter accident cases may also need to consult with helicopter experts and accident investigators to study the facts of the crash.

Whatever it takes to gain fair compensation to victims and families, our helicopter accident lawyers have the aviation litigation experience and legal resources to aggressively fight on behalf of our clients.

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When you ride in a helicopter, you trust that the aircraft is safe and that the pilot will take all the necessary measures to prevent serious injuries. If you were involved in a helicopter accident or a loved one wrongfully died in a fatal helicopter accident, the lawyers at Colson Hicks Eidson may be able to defend your rights and gain the helicopter crash settlements or verdicts from the negligent party. Call our helicopter accident lawyers at 305-476-7400 to schedule a consultation to receive free attorney advice.