Construction Negligence Cause Your Electrocution Injury or Loved One’s Death?

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At Colson Hicks Eidson, our attorneys have a reputation for taking on complex claims across the United States and the world. We have the resources necessary to investigate, coordinate and litigate the most complicated injury claims, including those involving construction negligence and defects. The decisions in many of our cases continue to influence state and federal law, and several of our successful verdicts and settlements are among the highest in history. As a result of this work, our law firm has garnered national recognition and our lawyers have been sought after to lead multidistrict litigation in multiple states.

Negligent or poor electrical work on a construction site can create multiple hazards for workers and others, even after the project is complete. Exposed wiring or other mistakes can cause electrocution injuries, such as severe burns, traumatic brain injuries, heart attacks and internal injuries. In many cases, wrongful death is the result. If construction defects cause an electrocution injury, then victims and their families may be able to seek compensation from the at-fault company. For workers, you can often file a third party claim against companies other than your employer, in addition to collecting workers compensation. A construction site accident lawyer from Colson Hick Eidson can investigate your accident and identify all liable parties, whether you were a construction worker or a passerby.

Experienced Electrocution Injury Attorneys Fight for Victims and Families

The attorneys at Colson Hicks Eidson have firsthand experience with the complexities of electrocution injury cases. For example, our legal team represented a wrongful death claim involving electrocution due to a poorly constructed bus shelter. Our client was the father of the 12-year-old victim, who sustained fatal electrocution injuries when passing a bus shelter built by Eller Media Co.

Our attorneys investigated the accident and found that Eller Media Co. negligently hired unlicensed electricians to install wiring. These electricians installed an incorrect and incompatible transformer in waterproof housing, and made several other errors. As a result, the transformer contacted the housing, sending electricity throughout the metal of the bus shelter. Our client’s son was electrocuted as he passed the shelter.

A jury in Miami-Dade County awarded our client $65.1 million. This includes $4.1 million in compensatory damages and $61 million in punitive damages, which are meant to punish the defendant.

Our attorneys also represented the family of Calder Sloan, a 7 year-old boy, who was electrocuted and killed while in his family’s swimming pool. Through responsible litigation our attorneys helped the Sloan family force changes in Florida law that significantly enhanced the safety of pool lights.

What Commonly Causes Electrocution Injuries?

Negligence of any kind during construction can result in a serious electrocution injury, either to a worker or a visitor. Common causes of electrical accidents including:

  • Improper grounding. Correctly grounding wires directs the electrical current away from those who may contact the wire. However, lack of proper training and carelessness on the job can result in an ungrounded, dangerous wire.
  • Lack of insulation. Electrical wires require insulation to protect users from directly contacting the conductive metal filaments. Damaged or missing insulation, due to an accident or product defects, can cause serious electrical injuries.
  • Unmarked work zones. When workers are dealing with electricity on a site, proper warning signs should be in place to alert others of the potential dangers. Without these notices, other workers or passersby may inadvertently contact live wires.
  • Negligence involving overhead power lines. If a construction site is near power lines, then companies must take steps to avoid damaging them. Accidents involving cranes and lifts may break a wire, creating a dangerous situation for those below.
  • Improper safety gear. Electrical workers require specialized equipment, which the employer must provide.
  • Lack of safety procedure enforcement. Lockout and tag out procedures prevent accidental electrocution by isolating electrical sources. However, negligent employers may fail to train workers in these procedures or may fail to enforce their use.

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