Eye Injuries From Bottle Explosions

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Serious injuries can occur in the most mundane of circumstances. In fact, seemingly innocuous hazards like glass bottles often carry serious consequences because the victim is not expecting an injury.

Unfortunately, we see many clients who suffered severe eye injuries from exploding glass bottles.

Usually, the victim is looking at the bottle cap while opening the bottle. The force of the pressurized carbonation is enough to launch the bottle cap – and sometimes shards of glass – directly into the victim’s eye.

Our attorneys have repeatedly led the nation on major defective product legislation. We have litigated against multinational companies for defective tires, malfunctioning acceleration, and defective drywall. If an exploding bottle seriously injured you in some way, give us a call. We accept cases nationwide.

How Dangerous are Exploding Bottle Eye Injuries?

According to a study by the National Institute of Health, 17 percent of exploding bottle eye injury victims lose their vision permanently after the accident. Furthermore, nearly half of all eye injury victims will never recover their eyesight past 20/40 vision.

Champagne bottles are the most likely to cause eye injuries. Moreover, the bottle holder is not the only person at risk. Quite often, champagne bottles are opened in a crowd of people, and innocent bystanders sustain eye injuries. In fact, bystanders constitute one-fourth of all exploding bottle eye injuries.

Eye Injuries From Bottle Explosions

What Can I Do About Exploding Bottle Eye Injuries?

Check the nationality of the company producing your beverage. Different countries have different safety standards. While most champagne bottles include information on the safest opening procedure, Hungary has no legislation in place to mandate the inclusion of safety information.

All exploding bottle eye injuries are preventable. Companies can be held liable for injuries if they produce a dangerous product or fail to provide warnings about injuries.

If companies would include reminders to always open away from the body and other bystanders, serious blindness-inducing accidents could be avoided. Unfortunately, most companies would rather place profits over safety, which is why outdated labels and dangerously designed products remain on the market.

Product Liability Attorneys with Global Experience

If a dangerous product played a role in your loss of vision, you deserve compensation from the companies who made it. This includes coverage for medical costs, loss of enjoyment of life, lost wages from limited employment options, pain and suffering and many other forms of damages.

Exploding bottle eye injuries are just one form of product liability, which our firm has over 40 years of experience litigating. Taking legal action against the companies responsible keeps corporate negligence in check and promotes public safety.

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