Exploding Bottles Turns Trader Joe’s Into A Minefield

It’s happened again, only this time you’ll find the combustible comestibles at your local Trader Joe’s. The California company has issued a press release to announce that its product, Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Brew, is potentially volatile and could actually blow up in your face. The company is recalling the products and hoping that nobody gets hurt.

Exploding Bottles Turns Trade Joe’s Into A Minefield

The bottles having the exploding problem were sold between November 9, 2015 and December 14, 2015. The SKU number 51857 also indicates potentially hazardous stock, and Trader Joe’s is advising customers to handle these bottles with care while they take them to an outside container and dispose of them. The grocery chain also claims that the drink poses no health risk if consumed, but nobody is advised to test that claim. The company is also offering customers a full refund if they purchased any of the tainted stock.

The company put the recall into effect after receiving complaints about unopened bottles shattering or bursting, and though the FDA says that no injuries or illnesses have been reported, it could only be a matter of time. Recently, Angry Orchard had a recall related to exploding bottles of its hard apple cider. The explosive hard ciders were created by a process called refermentation, and though Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Brew is non-alcoholic, many are wondering if a similar process is to blame for the ginger grenades.

Many people have suffered serious eye injuries from exploding bottles, and some have even had their vision completely destroyed. For more information about these product recalls, holding companies responsible for the damages they cause, and keeping your family safe, keep following our blog.


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