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Commercial Litigation

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Businesses of all sizes stand to lose a great deal when deals, contracts or transactions go wrong. These problems can threaten the income or business altogether. At Colson Hicks Eidson, our litigation attorneys have successfully represented clients in a wide range of business disputes, including a number of high-profile cases. Our clients include entrepreneurs as well as corporations, contractors, and design companies, among others. We strive to provide efficient and effective representation. Relying on experience and tenacity, we tailor our approach to your specific circumstances, resulting in successful verdicts, judgments, and settlements.

Additionally, our attorneys have many distinguished achievements, and several have served in prominent roles in prestigious legal organizations. This includes acting as the President of the American Association for Justice, the President of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers as well as serving as Chairman of the Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission. We have attorneys who are skilled in alternative dispute resolution and are equally effective if a case goes to court.

Business Disputes

Decades of Experience Representing Clients in Business Disputes

Our litigation lawyers have handled many different business conflicts over our firm’s long history. We have challenged large corporations in the United States as well as abroad. We even succeeded in a case against a foreign government. Some of the highlights of our firm’s business litigation experience include:

  • Our firm served as co-counsel for a plaintiff who received a $31.2 million jury award for a breach of contract lawsuit against Able Telecom Holding Corporation. The award came after a five-week trial and included $30 million in punitive damages.
  • Lawyers at Colson Hicks Eidson represented a Latin American media owner who held a stake in a major media venture. According to several lawsuits, the majority of owner allegedly committed fraud relating to the sale of the business. The arbitration resulted in a purchase of the client’s business investment for $325 million and dismissal of all pending litigation.
  • Our attorneys secured a $19 million judgment in federal court on behalf of racecar promoter Ralph Sanchez. This was against the Government of Aruba in relation to a failed effort to build a racetrack in Aruba. The case was settled.

The attorneys at Colson Hicks Eidson have repeatedly resolved contract disputes, employment lawsuits, construction conflicts, class action lawsuits and a variety of other cases. See our notable verdicts and settlements for more details on our firm’s reputation and litigation history.

Understanding Common Areas of Business Disputes

Business litigation attorneys represent clients in a range of legal claims. The challenges facing an entrepreneur may appear drastically different than those of a large corporation, but there are commonalities among all businesses, such as hiring and firing issues, and breached contracts. Our experienced lawyers efficiently and effectively hone in on the underlying legal issue(s), which may include:

  • Civil conspiracy
  • Fraud
  • Negligence and negligent misrepresentation
  • Breach of contract
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Nuisance

Some business disputes involve more than one legal issue. For example, a small company that employs a supplier may have a contract disagreement issue if a product was not received according to the agreed-upon date. The business may also face a legal issue if the supplier’s product did not meet the standards specified in the contract. Often complex, business disputes and commercial litigation require experience with sensitive and important issues. An attorney will successfully examine the specific circumstances and assess the strongest legal arguments for your case.

Business Dispute Resolution Options

Resolving business disputes before litigation is ideal. Commercial litigation requires time and expense. The trial is draining for businesses. Alternative dispute resolution methods offer a way to achieve a positive outcome. Mediation and arbitration are examples of alternative dispute resolution.

Collaborative practices such as alternative dispute methods, may help to avoid the courtroom. If the two parties to a disagreement can work together and negotiate, ultimately reaching a settlement, litigation can be avoided. Another benefit of alternative dispute resolution is that in many situations, the business relationship may be salvaged. This is particularly beneficial for those parties that have worked together for many years.

Mediation relies on a third party to negotiate a dispute. Ideally, a resolution is reached that satisfies both sides. Mediation may take place along with litigation, or as an alternative before proceeding with court. As a safe, neutral group, information that is provided within mediation proceedings cannot be relied upon in court proceedings.

While mediation is an informal method of presenting facts and arguments to a mediator, arbitration involves formally presenting an argument. Evidentiary and procedural rules govern an arbitration. Often, there are three arbitrators present, as each party selects one arbitrator, and together those two select a third. Larger companies tend to rely upon arbitration as their decisions are confidential.

If litigation proves necessary, our Florida commercial litigation and business dispute attorneys are prepared. When it is unlikely that two parties to a dispute can find a middle ground, litigation may be the only avenue for relief. An example includes a business involved in a dispute involving a great deal of money. For all potential litigation cases, it is wise to evaluate the likelihood of success. There are advantages to litigation, such as potentially securing punitive damages. One disadvantage includes the extensive money and time funneled into court proceedings.

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If you have an investment at stake in a business dispute, then take the safe approach by speaking with a lawyer from Colson Hicks Eidson. Whether you want a fast resolution for a business conflict, a legal resolution that will allow you to preserve valuable business relationships or the maximum amount of compensation possible, our firm can meet your needs.

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