Did a Loved One Go Missing on a Cruise Ship?

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Since 2000, nearly 200 passengers have gone missing from cruise ships. It is the cruise line’s responsibility to keep passengers safe and fully investigate disappearances. Our cruise ship lawyers hold operators responsible when they fail to act appropriately after receiving a missing passenger report. If the cruise line cannot find the missing person after a reasonable amount of time, the cruise ship must go back to the person’s last known location. Cruise lines and their employees who do not follow this procedure or act negligently in the events leading up to and after the disappearances of passengers may be accountable in the court of law.

Our team has successfully resolved many high profiles, precedent-setting cases around the globe. We understand the consequences that the surviving family members may face after a loved one disappears. Our personal injury attorneys work on behalf of families mourning the loss of their loved ones. We also represent victims of cruise ship disappearances who were found and whose injuries resulted from cruise line negligence.

Cruise Ship Passenger Disappearance

How Many Passengers Disappear from Cruise Ships Each Year?

The Man Overboard List by Travel Page reveals shocking statistics about the prevalence of falling overboard on cruise ships. According to their information, which includes data from the year 2000 to the present:

  • Passengers aboard Carnival cruise line ships are more likely to suffer from falling overboard than on any other cruise line.
  • Not everyone who fell overboard died. Rescue workers saved approximately ten of those who went overboard since 2000; one person survived in the water for more than 18 hours.
  • Most of those who fell overboard on cruise ships were on the last day of their cruise vacation.
  • A predominance of residents from Florida and California have fallen overboard while on cruise ships.

Cruise Ship Lawyer Advice After an Accident

Whether you believe your loved one may be the victim of cruise ship passenger disappearance due to inadequate safety railing, unsafe cruise decks or if another individual acted with criminal intentions before the disappearance, contact us today to talk about your legal rights. We can investigate your claim and pursue the recovery your family deserves from those responsible for the disappearance of your loved one on a cruise ship.