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The attorneys at Colson Hicks Eidson are pioneers in the area of catastrophic injury litigation. We fight to obtain compensation for injured victims.

Nationally Recognized Wrongful Death Attorney Teams in Florida

When someone else’s mistake takes a loved one’s life, you need an experienced, successful wrongful death attorney to represent you.

Litigation cannot undo what happened or bring your loved one back. However, it can help create a stable foundation as you and your family recover from this devastating loss.

Our Miami wrongful death lawyers represent family members left behind after a loved one suffers a fatal injury from defective products, professional malpractice and other types of negligence. Our work also includes representing families nationwide who have suffered devastating losses. Whenever or wherever you need the assistance of an experienced wrongful death attorney, our firm is there.

Successful Settlements and Verdicts for Families of Wrongful Death Victims

We have obtained significant wrongful death settlements and verdicts on the behalf of victims of fatal accidents and injuries. Some of the areas of litigation where we received these awards include:

Defective construction: A Miami wrongful death attorney from our law firm represented the families of three workers who became the victims of wrongful death after construction defects caused the Miami-Dade Community College garage collapse.

Aviation accidents: Our firm has also worked alongside many family members who lost loved ones in airplane accidents. In the AeroPeru Boeing 757 wrongful death case, we obtained one of the largest cash awards ever secured for a South American aviation accident to compensate the family members of deceased passengers. We also assisted families who lost loved ones in crashes involving Gol airlines, Adam Air, Lion Air, American Airlines, Kenya Airlines and several others.

Medical malpractice: A teenager passed away after undergoing a tonsillectomy. We argued that mistakes made during the surgery caused her to bleed to death the following day, and that the doctor failed to diagnose the potential health threat in time. Florida wrongful death attorney Joseph J. Kalbac, Jr. settled the case under confidential terms on the trial’s first day in Miami, Florida.

Defective auto equipment: Partner Lewis S. “Mike” Eidson filed a wrongful death suit against Ford on behalf of a consumer who died due to faulty tire installations. He won a $17 million jury verdict.

Premises liability/child injuries: Our client’s 12-year-old son was electrocuted at a Miami bus shelter. Roberto Martínez argued that Eller Media was responsible for the death due to subpar electrical work. A jury in Miami awarded our client $65.1 in punitive and compensatory damages.

Truck accidents: A gas tanker rolled on its side and exploded, killing the husband and wife in a nearby vehicle. They had two college-aged children. Our investigation showed that the driver was driving fast with several thousand gallons of volatile fuel when the truck accident occurred. Deborah J. Gander allowed our client to receive an $11 million settlement in line with their policy limits.

I Lost a Family Member in a Fatal Accident. What Can I Do?

There are several details to consider when taking into account the wrongful death statute in Florida or other state law, which will affect the ability of your family to receive legal damages from the negligent party.

We calculate the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled based on several factors. These may include the health of the wrongful death victim prior to the accident, along with the victim’s age and capacity for future earnings.

Our wrongful death attorneys can seek compensation for how the death of your loved one has directly affected your family. This can include helping you recover wrongful death damages from the negligent party for any medical bills, funeral costs, loss of income and pain and suffering.

Many state laws, such as the Florida wrongful death statute, contain strict deadlines for filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Talk to a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible to find out how long you have to take action and secure the justice your loved one deserves.

COVID-19 wrongful death claims are rising

An unfortunate reality of the coronavirus pandemic is that thousands of people across this country have lost their lives. This virus has affected people from all walks of life and in every industry, particularly those who work essential jobs.

At Colson Hicks Eidson, we recognize that wrongful death claims will arise due to COVID-19. This could be the result of medical negligence, due to employer negligence, and more. Recently, the family of a Walmart employee who died from COVID-19 complications filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the retail giant. The family of Wando Evans, 51, accuses managers at the Chicago-area Walmart, which he worked at, of ignoring his symptoms and failing to let colleagues know that they may have contracted COVID-19. Another worker at the same store died four days later after exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

Essential businesses such as grocery stores, banks, and other employers have come under fire for failing to provide adequate protection to employees during the coronavirus pandemic. Appropriate protections should include face masks, gloves, and even protective barriers in certain situations. Employers should be enforcing social distancing measures and should not be allowing any workers who have symptoms of COVID-19 to work.

At Colson Hicks Eidson, we recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation in this country. Everyone is struggling, but that does not mean that anyone should get away with negligence. We will thoroughly investigate your case if you believe that you or a loved one contracted the virus due to the negligent actions of others.

Free Wrongful Death Attorney Advice for Nationwide Fatal Accident Cases

With more than 40 years of successful experience assisting families grieving lost loves ones, our firm has secured multi-million dollar verdicts and recoveries for local clients near our three offices in the United States as well as for international clients located worldwide. We understand the varying laws that govern wrongful death cases state by state in addition to international wrongful death laws.

Our firm offers aggressive legal representation for families grieving after the wrongful death of a family member. We will fight to gain the wrongful death compensation you deserve to help address your family’s current and future financial needs. Contact a wrongful death attorney at our location nearest you for more information.