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Insurance companies do not always have your best interest in mind. Never forget that an insurance provider is a private company. That means it has its own bottom line to protect, often at the expense of its insurance policyholders. If your insurance company terminated your coverage or provided only a partial payment amount, then you may have fallen victim to insurance bad faith. If an insurance company has denied your claim without good reason for doing so, the nationally acclaimed Florida insurance attorneys of Colson Hicks Eidson will fight for your right to receive the insurance benefits you deserve.

Our insurance litigation attorneys focus on insurance law. We have more than four decades of experience successfully taking on large corporations and insurance companies. In one such case, we secured a landmark $1.5 million insurance bad faith verdict on behalf of Florida Pathology Services. During this case, the jury concluded that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida’s Health Options plan failed to pay the pathologists for a number of years. We are also currently engaged in a number of similar bad faith lawsuits, totaling $25 million in losses.

Speak with our Miami insurance attorneys to schedule a consultation with our law firm today. If an insurance company wronged you by failing to provide the coverage your policy entitles you to, we are ready to seek a recovery from an insurance bad faith claim on your behalf.

Bad Faith Insurance

What is Insurance Bad Faith? Local Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers with Millions of Dollars in Lawsuit Experience

Insurance bad faith is when policyholders see their insurance claims denied or insurance settlement amount lowered without justification. Common insurance bad faith practices include the following:

  • Insurance claim denial
  • Delaying a payment
  • Terminating coverage entirely
  • Ignoring evidence during an investigation
  • Paying partial claims

Insurance bad faith can be financially ruinous, especially in the case of only paying partial claims. Often, an insurance company will only pay the extent of the policy limit after an accident. This leaves the policyholder liable for excess settlement.

Without an experienced insurance bad faith attorney to sue the insurance provider as well as file an insurance bad faith claim, the policyholder may have to sacrifice his or her financial security. There is no reason to fall victim to forces outside of your control. This is especially true when you paid for insurance coverage to protect you in the event of an accident or personal injury.

You can trust the Florida insurance lawyers of Colson Hicks Eidson to help gain the full insurance coverage promised to you when you signed your policy. No matter where you live, we are prepared to defend you against unfair insurance actions.

Insurance Company Not Paying Your Accident Claim? Our Attorneys Can Help File an Insurance Bad Faith Claim

The insurance industry is large, intimidating and often unfair. You need a strong insurance bad faith attorney in your corner, well seasoned in insurance law, who has succeeded against such powerful entities before. The Miami insurance law firm of Colson Hicks Eidson has over 40 years’ experience defending victims of insurance bad faith.

You do not have to see your insurance claim denied. For more information about our firm as well as how we can assist in your particular circumstance, speak with our Miami insurance attorneys today. We would be happy to arrange a consultation with one of the Florida insurance lawyers who represent nationwide claims.