Florida Bike Accident Attorney Fights for Cyclists’ Rights

Thousands of people throughout Miami rely on bicycles as a main form of transportation as well as a source of exercise and recreation. Florida law entitles Miami cyclists to be on the road with motor vehicles. However, sharing the road can turn disastrous when drivers fail to pay close attention to cyclists who may be riding nearby. When car and truck drivers do not pay attention, they can cause bicycle accident injuries. These may range from broken bones to life-altering brain injuries and wrongful death.

The bike accident attorneys at Colson Hicks Eidson have a great deal of experience representing cyclists in Miami, throughout Florida and nationwide after an accident. Our attorneys investigate every facet of the incident to uncover all parties or entities that may be responsible. Besides car and truck drivers, a bike accident attorney at our lawyer firm can investigate if actions by the company that employs the driver contributed to the bicycle accident. Private companies and government entities may also be responsible for causing a bike accident for failing to maintain a roadway or guardrail properly.

Common Bicycle Injuries

Common Bicycle Injuries for Cyclists Involved in Collisions

Without the protection afforded in a motorized vehicle, such as seat belts and airbags, cyclists can suffer devastating injuries in bike-car accidents. Some of the most common bicycle injuries include:

  • Head injuries and brain injuries. Head injuries can range from bumps and gashes to more severe cases where a head injury may include skull fractures in addition to brain damage. A medical professional should immediately check and monitor for a concussion after a bicycle crash. Even a seemingly mild injury can worsen over time.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries in bicycle accidents often lead to full or partial paralysis.
  • Facial Injuries. Facial injuries can include cuts and bruises, but they may also include broken jaws, facial fractures and broken teeth. These injuries may require extensive and expensive cosmetic and dental surgery.
  • Broken bones. Broken bones or fractures can require timely medical treatment and rehabilitation, temporarily putting the victim out of work.
  • Wrongful death. When a cyclist does not survive a bike accident, grieving family members are left not knowing where to turn. Our Miami bicycle accident attorneys will handle the legal and financial aspects of the wrongful death caused by driver negligence. Then, families can concentrate on their own emotional health.

What Crash Factors Determine Injury Severity in Miami Bicycle Accidents?

Common bicycle injuries vary in severity. Particular accident factors may also influence how bad injuries are in a bike crash, such as:

  • The size of the vehicle that caused the bicycle accident. A collision involving a motorcycle, passenger vehicle, pick-up truck, semi-truck, tractor trailer, pedestrian, cyclist, bus or a dump truck can all result in serious bike accident injuries.
  • How fast the cyclist or other vehicle was traveling at the time of impact.
  • Failure to maintain roadways and guardrails, including the presence of debris, potholes or other obstructions that caused or contributed to the bicycle accident.
  • The way the cyclist landed upon impact.

No Cost, No Risk Consultations to Cyclists Involved in Miami Bike Accidents

Even the most common bicycle injuries can be life altering. They can cost the cyclist and his or her family thousands of dollars in medical treatment, lost wages and rehabilitation expenses. If you were involved in a bike accident in Miami, then it is free to speak with our experienced Florida bike accident attorneys. You can then learn your rights and your options. Call us directly at 305-476-7400. You can also fill out our online bike accident form to have us review your potential case.