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As bicycles become increasingly popular for commuting, recreational fun and exercise, drivers and cyclists must learn to share the roads with one another. In the busy city of Miami, many drivers continue to disrespect bicycles on the road. This carelessness and negligence often lead to severe bicycle accidents, from a bicycling injury to cyclists being fatally hit by cars.

With a law office in Florida, the bike accident lawyers of Colson Hicks Eidson are widely recognized for getting results on behalf of individuals who sustain serious injuries in bicycle accidents. We also represent families dealing with the wrongful death of their loved ones in bike accidents. If you suffered a serious injury from a bicycle accident, our attorneys can help. We are here to guide you on what to do after a bike accident, and will uphold your legal rights.

Bicycle Accident

What Causes Most Bike Accidents?

One factor that can cause a large number of bicycle accidents is side-of-the-road laws. These permit cyclists to utilize the far right side of the road or the bicycle lane. The intention of this and other bicycle laws is to protect cyclists from vehicles and promote the safe flow of traffic. Learn more about the most dangerous areas in Florida for cyclists here.

Even when obeying these laws, cyclists can be vulnerable to motor vehicle accidents with cars, trucks and other vehicles. According to the latest bicycle crash statistics, the following types of accidents are among the most common causes of serious biking injuries to cyclists:

  • A motorist making a right turn and striking a cyclist. When a motorist turns at an intersection or out of a parking lot and fails to recognize a cyclist on the side of the road, the cyclist is in danger of injury.
  • A driver striking a bicycle while passing the cyclist. Motorists must give cyclists enough space when they attempt to pass them. Drivers may strike the backs or sides of bikes while passing, leading to serious injuries.
  • A cyclist colliding with an open car door. Drivers parked on the side of a street should give cyclists time to pass before opening any doors.

Negligent drivers may be at fault for bike crashes, including the situations listed above. However, many other situations can cause bicycle accidents as well that your accident lawyers need to explore.

Do I Have a Bicycle Accident Claim? Call for Free Cyclist Accident Advice

With each bicycle accident case review we receive, our attorneys may conduct their own accident investigation into the bike crash’s cause, free of charge. Compensation may come from the motorist, insurance company, part manufacturer of a defective bicycle component in addition to the agency, business or individual in charge of making sure streets are free of hazards who failed to clear road debris that caused the bike crash.

If bike accident lawyers determine that filing a bike accident lawsuit is not in the best interest of the victim for whatever reason, then our firm does not ask the bicycle crash victim to repay the investigation costs. There is absolutely no financial obligation to learn if you have a legally actionable bike crash claim. Clients only pay attorney fees we are successful in gaining injury compensation.

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