$60.9 Million Verdict for Brain-Injured Baby

Led by partner Deborah J. Gander, the firm in 2005 obtained $60.9 million in injury compensation, the largest amount ever awarded in a Federal Tort Claims Act case in the country. Federal Judge Jose A. Gonzalez found the Obstetrics Clinic in Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville, Florida, liable for medical negligence in the delivery of a brain-injured baby and awarded damages to the boy and his parents, Raiza Bravo and U.S. Navy Serviceman Oscar Rodriguez.

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Tort Litigation Lawyers Explain What Makes Suing the Government Different

Over the past four decades, the litigation lawyers at Colson Hicks Eidson served as lead and co-counsel on many high-profile lawsuits. This is in addition to gaining hundreds of millions of dollars in injury settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients. Our personal injury attorneys work hard for injured clients and their families for the justice they deserve.

We are ready to battle insurance companies, negligent businesses or even sue the government, if that is the party responsible for your pain and suffering.

Federal Tort Claims Act

Our Litigation Lawyers Gained the Largest Federal Tort Claims Act Damages Ever Awarded

The litigation lawyers at Colson Hicks Eidson have decades of experience handling Federal Tort Claims Act cases. In 2005, led by personal injury attorney Deborah J. Gander, the firm obtained the largest amount ever awarded in a Federal Tort Claims Act case.

We represented the wife of a navy serviceman who gave birth to a baby boy at the Obstetrics Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida’s Mayport Naval Station. The attending surgeon caused the infant to be left with a traumatic brain injury. Consequently, a federal judge found the clinic guilty of medical negligence. The judge then awarded the family $60.9 million in Federal Tort Claims Act damages. To see more of our work in Federal Tort and personal injury law, read a complete list of our significant case results here.

Can a Person Sue the Federal Government? Federal Tort Litigation Lawyers Explain

Congress passed the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) in 1946. If an injury occurred in the scope of the employee’s job or the employee was acting on behalf of the government, then the FTCA allows private citizens to sue the government for damages caused by the negligence of federal employees.

However, the tort act did not make suing the government any easier. For a case to be successful, you must follow the correct FTCA guidelines when filing a personal injury claim or wrongful death lawsuit against a state or federal government agency.

How to File a Federal Tort Claim

The FTCA established regulations and procedures for making personal injury claims in federal courts. Federal tort claims differ from standard rules for filing most other kinds of tort claims. What is the most important thing to remember about how to file a federal tort claim? There may be shorter deadlines than in an average personal injury lawsuit against a private entity.

Although an FTCA claim is a federal matter, state laws can negatively affect the timelines of your accident case. In particular, you must manage state laws regarding expert testimony and different filing deadlines along with federal guidelines. Other complications may also affect your Federal Tort claims case.

For the best chance of success, FTCA lawsuits should be pursued as soon as possible after an injury. Suing the government is a serious matter. Because of this, you need an experienced FTCA attorney to review your tort claim. You can then learn if your case would benefit from attorney representation.

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