Hurt by a Defective Medical Device?

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Modern medical devices are advanced apparatuses capable of preventing and treating many medical conditions. Unfortunately, defective medical devices can harm more than they help.

Far too often, medical device manufacturers push their products to market with little testing, knowingly releasing a defective product. Many times, they go so far as to bury research that shows their faulty product in a negative light.

This adherence to the corporate bottom line hurts patients who need these medical devices most—those with serious health issues and limited incomes. When defective medical devices are discovered, a recall must be issued. In many cases, it is too late. The failure is revealed only after many patients have already suffered adverse effects and deadly consequences.

If a defective medical device has severely hurt you, a loved one or caused the loss of a family member, your only recourse may be to file a defective product liability lawsuit against the product’s manufacturer. Our medical product liability lawyer practices nationwide, with a law office in Florida. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages when defective medical devices cause unthinkable harm. Speak with our Miami defective medical device lawyers today for a consultation.

Types of Defective Medical Device Claims

Three types of common product defects can lead to defective medical product liability lawsuits:

  • Design defects exist before the device is even created
  • Manufacturing defects occur during production of the device
  • Marketing defects, such as inadequate instructions or failures to caution users of potential dangers

Defective medical devices have caused major problems: DePuy’s ASR Acetabular hip replacement system was not recalled until almost two years after issues arose. The artificial hip was made of a metal that can actually deteriorate, and DePuy knew that as many as one in eight patients would experience failure within five years. Yet, the company still put the product on the market.

Many patients require painful revision surgery to replace these defective medical devices, followed by lengthy hospitalizations. Even after the removal of a defective medical device, patients can have lasting and permanent damage.

Our successful medical product liability cases have affected change throughout the nation’s legal system. Our Florida medical product liability lawyers work to see your rights respected and recovery expedited.

Defective Medical Devices

Are There Product Liability Laws for Defective Medical Devices? Successful Malpractice Attorneys Get Results

There is no federal law governing medical product liability. Across the nation, the individual hurt or the family of someone who passed away must prove the defective medical devices in question to be harmful and deserves injury compensation. Many states have passed statutes about defective medical devices, but these laws can vary greatly.

The Miami personal injury attorneys of Colson Hicks Eidson take a comprehensive approach to serve patients in claims resulting from faulty products. We know product liability law and have the resources to uphold your legal rights. From enforcing defective medical device liability to filing medical malpractice claims, when you partner with our Florida defective medical device attorneys, you are being backed by a powerful team of medical product litigation professionals dedicated to earning you the maximum defective medical device recovery for the harm you and your family have suffered.

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Wherever you call home, if defective medical devices have injured you or a loved one, you need a defective medical device attorney with decades of successful results. The Florida medical product liability lawyers at Colson Hicks Eidson have access to the most esteemed medical experts in the nation. We have handled hundreds of cases involving consumer products, pharmaceutical products and product liability, representing clients in Florida and across the United States.

Our Miami personal injury attorneys are innovators in the field of product liability suits and are ready to put their knowledge to work for you. We know that every situation is different and unique—speak with our defective medical device lawyers and we can discuss the best approach to your defective medical device lawsuit.