Suffer Dangerous OxyElite Side Effects?

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Pharmaceutical Attorneys in Florida Filing Nationwide OxyElite Pro Lawsuit Liver Damage Claims

Our drug injury attorneys are actively seeking legal remedies against UPSlabs, LLC for victims of OxyElite Pro nationwide for liver injuries and other physical damages. We are also available to represent families dealing with the wrongful death of family members who suffered fatal drug injuries after using OxyElite Pro products.

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History of OxyElite Side Effects and FDA Bans

Up until July 2013, OxyElite Pro dietary supplements from the drug manufacturer UPSlabs contained the dangerous ingredient DMAA (1,3-dimethlylamylamine, methylhaxanamine). DMAA, also referred to as geranium extract, is often marketed by drug companies as being a natural form of fat burning and muscle-building stimulation. However, after pursuing follow-up legal action from an April 2013 warning letter the administration issued to UPSlabs and several other drug makers about DMAA, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) forced the company to modify its ingredients and omit DMAA from any future OxyElite Pro or Jack3d products. The administration also oversaw the destruction of millions of dollars’ worth of OxyElite Pro products after UPSlabs failed to comply with FDA laws and regulations.

The FDA warns that using products containing DMAA is not safe and may lead to cardiovascular health issues as well as death. Additionally, the reformulated OxyElite Pro products introduced to the market, such as OxyElite Pro Super Thermo, OxyElite Pro Ultra Intense Thermo and OxyElite Pro Super Thermo Power, are now being linked to serious liver damage and failure due to the use of the new ingredient aegeline in its dietary supplement products. The drug Versa-1 by UPSlabs may also be affected. UPSlabs, LLC has issued many OxyElite recalls for a range of products due to consumers suffering serious injuries.

Is My OxyElite Pro Product Included in the Defective Drug Recall?

It is in your best interest to discontinue use of all OxyElite Pro products unless otherwise directed by a qualified medical professional. A cluster of severe liver injuries and death due to consumers using these defective products has been reported in Hawaii, and many OxyElite Pro liver injury cases involving individuals located throughout the continental United States were and continue to be reported.

Experienced Pharmaceutical Attorneys for OxyElite Recall Injuries

If you are experiencing symptoms of liver damage after taking OxyElite Pro products, such as jaundice, nausea and abdominal pain, seek medical attention immediately to see if you are suffering from elevated liver enzyme levels. Our OxyElite Pro lawsuit lawyers have experience pursuing pharmaceutical litigation for serious drug injuries, and can help advise you and your family about your right to pursue compensation. Reach out to the personal injury law firm of Colson Hicks Eidson to learn more.