Security Negligence at a Hotel Cause Injury or Death?

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Florida and nationwide premises liability laws mandate hotels and resorts provide safe premises for their customers. Part of this obligation includes providing adequate security measures to ensure your safety as a guest. If better security could have prevented catastrophic injuries, victims may be able to hold the hotel operators or property owners accountable for losses and damages caused by security negligence.

Our hotel attorneys have more than four decades of experience fighting for compensation on behalf of people and families hurt by negligence. We are not afraid to take on major corporations around the world when they injure consumers or guests. With a history of multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements, we will do whatever it takes to hold negligent hotels and resorts accountable for their careless actions or inactions.

Miami Hotel Lawyer Explains Hotel Security Issues Caused by Security Negligence

Hotel guests expect their room and building to be a safe place to rest, relax, sleep and work. All individuals are entitled to stay on premises free from the threats of battery, robbery, burglary, sexual assault or rape.

Security negligence at hotels comes in many different forms, but common negligent acts can include the failure to:

  • Monitor surveillance cameras in hallways, garages, parking lots and public areas
  • Provide working locks on room doors
  • Provide adequate lighting
  • Hire security staff
  • Remove or address violent, intoxicated and disruptive guests

Guests have the right to hold hospitality establishments responsible for injuries and deaths caused by security negligence. Our firm has experience representing those affected by negligence at hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, resorts and cruise ships.

Hotel Lawyer Fighting for Victims Hurt by Security Negligence

If you were the victim of a violent or psychologically harmful crime while staying at a hotel, our hotel liability lawyers are prepared to fight for the justice you deserve. Hotel companies will often attempt to deny responsibility for any criminal acts by employees and strangers alike, when in fact the court may find them responsible for the actions of anyone allowed to enter and remain on their properties.

Do not wait to take action, contact our premises liability lawyers at Colson Hicks Eidson today. Whether your injuries at a hotel occurred in the United States or across international borders, our firm near Miami will work diligently to uphold your rights under the law.