Hurt by a Construction Defect?

Construction Litigation

Whether a client is injured on a construction site or is suffering financially from a breached real estate development contract, we have the skills to litigate construction cases.

Construction Defects Lawyers for Workers and Residents

Injuries sustained because of defective construction can be complex to handle. This is because they may involve many legal areas, including product liability, negligent manufacturers, employers, property owners and other third parties. Our construction defects lawyers investigate your personal injury claim to determine the cause of your injuries. We then give you your best legal options moving forward.

Our law firm represents construction workers, contractors, tenants and other individuals who sustained serious injuries due to faulty or defective construction.

What is Defective Construction?

You may be the victim of defective construction if you sustained injuries because of unsafe:

  • Structures
  • Building design
  • Mechanical or electrical systems
  • Building code violations
  • Building materials
  • Foundations

Our law firm understands local, state and federal regulations that govern construction safety and disputes. We also work to recover damages for individuals hurt or killed in construction accidents because of defective machinery, negligent supervisors or inadequate building standards.

Defective Construction

Our Experience with Construction Cases

We fight aggressively for individual claims and in class action lawsuits and mass torts to obtain justice for our clients. This includes our work with victims affected by tainted Chinese drywall. In these cases, he secured multimillion-dollar settlements for hundreds of homeowners in addition to builders and installers hurt by the hazardous material. We also pursue compensation for individuals injured because of construction defects in automotive and aviation components.

We are currently involved with litigation concerning a Miami garage collapse that killed four construction workers. These collapsing garage doors can cause serious injuries to both homeowners and children in residential areas. Additionally, they may harm individuals in such places as parking garages, schools or construction sites. Proper inspections and supervision during installation as well as a regard for user safety can often prevent injuries or deaths caused by garage door collapses. However, innocent workers can be gravely injured when their employers pressure them to cut corners to finish the job or to use unsafe products to maximize the employer’s profit.

Attorneys Handling Construction Defect Lawsuits Nationwide

For more than four decades, the law firm of Colson Hicks Eidson has fought to receive beneficial results for individuals impacted by defective construction as well as product liabilityprofessional malpractice, serious injuries or wrongful death. Our construction accident attorneys take pride in their work with clients and will do whatever it takes to bring the negligent parties to justice.